Bernie Sanders is Wrong About CEOs

CEOs run our economy, but you won’t hear that from Bernie

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For just over a year now, we’ve all had to listen to Bernie Sanders pout about American CEO’s. They’re “greedy” he says, “they don’t give back to the worker” he says. Well, lets take a look at two thing; 1) Does it matter? And 2) Is he right?
1: According to The Department Of Labour Statistics, there are more than 200,000 CEOs in the US. And their average income is roughly $225,000.
CEOs are typically placed in the middle class
That doesn’t even qualify them for the 1%, hardly even the 3%. Right now, there are significantly more people working as the head of businesses than there are people working in the fossil fuel industry. But these guys aren’t the Fat Cats, they don’t ride in corporate limos and helicopters, so lets get to the guys that do. The CEO of McDonalds, Stephen Easterbrook, made a tidy sum of $7,900,000 in 2016. This sounds like a lot, and it is a lot, but what would happen if we took his whole annual pay and divided it among the workers? Well, each one of McDonalds 375,000 employees would get a $20 bill. They could afford to eat at their own establishment for one day. Well thats obviously pointless, nothing to protest over thats for sure. Lets take a look at another big company, Apple. Their CEO makes around $11,000,000, with 47,000 employees making an average of $17 an hour. If we took ALL of Tim Cook’s pay, and distributed it among Apple employees, they’d each get $230, or just under 1 and 1/2 days pay. As you can see, this isn’t going to increase living standards, and it isn’t going to benefit the worker in a large way.
2: CEOs are paid directly according to company performance, meaning the better the company’s numbers the larger increase in pay he receives.Slide1
As manager of all operations on an executive level (with sub-management) the CEO has the largest direct influence on the performance of the company, in turn, the quantity of employees and pay of the employees (everything from bonuses to salary) depends largely on the Chief Executive Officer. Low ranking employee pay typically remains the same regardless of company performance, but every management positions compensation depends directly on company performance. =CEOs are regarded by the court system and economic institutions as a key and vital component to any corporation or business. The idea that the CEO is somehow an inherently greedy or selfish person is fostered by the Progressive Left in a manner that lacks any resemblance of reason or critical thought, we have a word for it, and that word is envy (or ignorance, take your pick).

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